Disney Springs

If you visit Disney Springs and expect to see a revamped Downtown Disney, it’s not going to happen.

Depending on how long it’s been since you were there, you may not recognize it at all. But the changes are good changes. And a better use of the space to accommodate an ever-growing population of guests visiting Disney.

While there is plenty for the shoppers, there’s also a lot for those of us who just enjoy good food and atmosphere. 

One change that stood out was the addition of some dining options for those of us who don’t want to make a reservation in advance. D-Luxe offers gourmet burgers, fries and shakes and Blaze Pizza, where you can make-your-own pizza. 

In addition, a new cupcake shop called Sprinkes has made its debut. 

Now this we had to try! You could choose from mini or regular size cupcake and being the cupcake connisseurs we are, we had to try the larger ones. They were delicious and fresh! You can watch them make the cupcakes and if your in a hurry, you can order one from the cupcake ATM outside the store.

And after indulging in dessert, a nice walk around the springs, and a beautiful Florida sunset made a perfect ending to the day.


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