Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Fast Pass +

Elsa and Ana
1. Make Fast Pass reservations before you leave home even if you’re not sure what park
you’ll be in each day. You can change them when you get there if your plans change. You can make 3 per day.

2. You can make Fast Pass Plus reservations for preferred viewing of Illuminations and Fantasmic!

3. Once you use all your pre-set Fast Pass reservations you can make additional Fast Pass reservations at any of the Fast Pass
plus kiosk locations in any of the parks! You can also make your Fast Pass reservations here if you didn’t make them in

4. Make sure you arrive within the time frame given for your Fast Pass!

5. If you can’t get a Fast Pass reservation for an favorite attraction such as a Meet and Greet with Elsa and Ana, then plan
to arrive at the park during Extra Magic Hours in the morning and go to that attraction first!

6. Use the My Disney Experience App on your Smart Phone! Not only can you see what time your pre-set Fast Pass times are
but you can utilize other features of the app such as attractions wait times.

7. Have a portable charger along with you in the parks for your smart phone!

8. The additional Fast Passes you can book in the parks, usually have some Fast Passes available within 10 to 15 minutes.

9. You can modify your Fast Pass Plus reservations on your smart phone at any time!

10. Fast Pass Plus gives you the freedom to be as structured, or unstructured, as you want to be on your Walt Disney World


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