Birthdays In Disney

Yesterday I was driving to work thinking about my birthday which is in 3 weeks. With no real plans for that day I got to thinking about how great it would be to spend the weekend in Disney!
I celebrated a milestone birthday there last year and loved being there on my birthday and seeing the parks decorated for Christmas.
So as I look at airfare options, it would appear that the flights are available and are less than $200!
That was the first “sign” that I should go! Disney resort still available with the room discount!
Another sign! And the fact that I share the same birthday as Mickey Mouse is the icing on the birthday cake of reasons to celebrate the weekend in Disney!
Now I just need to clear our work schedules for a couple days and we will be good to go!
If you’ve never celebrated a birthday in Walt Disney World, there’s a lot you can do to make that day special. First, you can let Disney know you are celebrating and they will have your birthday button ready for you at check in! Wear it in the parks and all kinds of Pixie Dust can happen!
I can’t tell you details or it wouldn’t be Pixie Dust!
Make a dinner reservation at a Restaurant on Disney property and you’ll likely receive a cupcake with a candle after your meal. And if you really want to go all out, you can arrange to have your room decorated (at an additional cost) through the Disney Florist or even have a custom birthday cake made and delivered to your room or the restaurant you’re celebrating at!
So, while getting another year older is mandatory, growing up is optional!


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