What Would You Do With Just One Day?

What would you do if you found out you were going to Walt Disney World for just one day?
Go to just one park? Or maybe you’d be adventurous and try to get to all four!
While most people plan their Disney vacations for a week, sometimes an opportunity comes up to squeeze in just one day. For those of us who love all things Disney, we look at a trip to Florida for any reason, as an opening to fit in some Disney parks time.
It looks like I will have the opportunity to spend one day in Disney prior to sailing a 3 night Bahamas cruise on the Disney Dream this fall.
Being adventurous, I will want to visit all four parks into one day. The challenge will be narrowing down my favorite rides in each park! Fortunately, some rides have single rider lines that move faster than the regular line, and Disney’s Fast Pass allows you to pre-reserve a time to come back and get in a shorter and faster moving Fast Pass line.
I’m looking forward to this fun-filled busy day, even if I’ll spend more time planning it, than the time I will be there!


2 thoughts on “What Would You Do With Just One Day?

  1. We actually have one day tickets waiting for us at Disney. I plan on going to MK on a day they have EMH and getting there at rope drop. Hopping to other parks during the day and then finishing the night off with Wishes.. Now just to get back there!

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