The Gift of Reading

A few weeks ago my 4-year-old granddaughter Arianna read a book to me and I was amazed at how well she could read. She knew all the words and  the ones she was unsure of she sounded out. She loves to read and every night before bed she has quiet time where she reads her books. She is fortunate to have such an early start on reading and to enjoy it so much. And her love of books is rubbing off on her little sister. Although she’s only 16 months old, Alayna sometimes will sit and page through the books and look at the pictures. She likes the ones with furry textures of different animals on the pages.

Recently, my daughter asked me not to buy the girls toys for Christmas and instead buy them books; I didn’t mind the request. Books will last longer and they can be passed down through generations. I think most of us have a favorite childhood book or book series.

But that’s not the case for some adults.

Unfortunately for some, they never learned to read beyond a 5th grade level. A campaign to help fund the Pottstown YWCA Literacy Program started earlier this month and runs through Dec. 11th. An anonymous donor has offered  to donate $1 to the literacy program for each valid name and e-mail address collected. If you would like to help support literacy by giving your name and e-mail address, please click on the link below:

Here is the link


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