Getting Your Disney Legs On!

Most people don’t realize till they arrive in Walt Disney World how much walking is involved with a Disney vacation.

One year, our daughters decided to take along a pedometer because they wanted to know how much walking we did each day. After the week was over, we tallied the miles and we walked between 11 and 14 miles each day!

So to prepare for 10 days in Disney, my husband and I (who walk the dog regularly) decided to increase our walking to 2.5 miles 4 days a week. It’s not easy carving time out of busy schedules to do this but we use the time to tweak our day to day plans for the trip. We typically do this before each trip as more of a warning to our muscles of what’s to come. And despite the “practice” there’s always some sore muscles after a day or two. But fortunately, we always book a Disney resort that has a hot tub which becomes a welcome end-of-the-day routine.

The other issue from all that walking are the feet! The right shoes – or for me I should say sneakers – are imperative. I’ve always invested in good supportive sneakers because of past issues with Plantar Fasciitis and heel fractures, but I usually buy a couple of new pair a month or so before my trip. I also take 2 pair of  sneakers and alternate them.

And don’t forget blisters. I’ve never got through a trip without at least one. But I found that Band Aid Blister Cushions work well for those.

And all this doesn’t mean the feet and muscles won’t hurt at the end of the day…they’ll just hurt a little less! 🙂


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