Free Dining This Fall With A Pin Code (For Now)

It appears that once again Disney is offering free dining for specific dates this fall but you need a Pin Code to get it. Check your e-mail because that’s where it’s likely to be. Although the weeks are specific in October, November and December, you can still get the free dining for your entire stay if your arrival date falls within the covered time period. For those people like me who have received very few Pin Codes over the years, I will be waiting with anticipation for this promotion to be opened to the public, which it usually does. Rumor has it that the promotion will be opened to the public in a couple of weeks.
If you haven’t taken advantage of a Disney vacation with free dining it’s a great savings. If you stay at a value resort, you get the Quick service dining plan free which is 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks per person per night of stay. If you stay in a moderate resort, you get the Disney Dining Plan which gives you 1 table service meal, one quick service meal and one snack per person per night of stay. The latter is the most popular dining plan. And if you’ve already booked your trip and paid for a dining plan, you can still take advantage of the promotion. What I think is great about this promotion is that if you have a trip booked at a value resort with the Disney Dining Plan, if you can take advantage of the free dining you can upgrade to a moderate with the free dining and you won’t pay more money (or maybe very little). This promotion is one of my favorites because I think it gives you the opportunity for the biggest value.
So if it’s a fall trip you’re planning, keep watching for this promotion to open up to the general public. This free dining offer does book up quickly and they do only have limited amount of rooms at each resort for the promotion.

**Just an update to this post: Although I’ve been watching all my e-mail accounts to see if I received a Pin Code for Free Dining(and had not), I decided to call Disney to see if there was one linked to my name and there was! So be proactive and call if you didn’t get one yet!
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3 thoughts on “Free Dining This Fall With A Pin Code (For Now)

  1. Hello ! Just wanted to let you know I had not received a PIN either..but thought I’d take your advice and call Disney. I talked to a very nice representative who said “Yes! I did have a Free Dining Offer”. I had already estimated the cost of the package online and when we got done, I was $20 cheaper going thru him and I had the free dining (moderate resort/1 quick service/1 table service/1 snack) !!! I reserved it and have my confirmation- Don’t hesitate- CALL~ 🙂

  2. “If you stay at a value resort, you get the Quick service dining plan free which is 2 quick service meals and 2 snacks per person per night of stay.”
    You may wish to edit this post: As of June 12, 2011 when Disney released the 2012 Dining plans, the Quick Service plan is now 2 counter service meals, 1 snack per person per night of stay along with the refillable resort mug.

    To upgrade from the Quick Service plan to the Basic plan is $16.55 per adult/$3.03 child 3-9 at the Value resorts.

  3. A friend of mine got the offer pin mailed to her thru regular mail. I have been searching everywhere trying to located the offer so thanks so much your post. I never realized i could call & ask. I tried booking our vacation on the last day of the last offer but bc of time difference i missed the booking bc of my baby not wanting to go to bed & was pushing buttons on the computer. So excited about going again going to call right now thanks…We Love Disney…

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