Fast Pass Changes at Walt Disney World

For those that utilize Disney’s Fast Pass system, you’ll have to keep a closer eye on your Fast Pass return time or possibly lose the ability to use it!
Disney apparently plans to enforce the end time on the Fast Pass which means you can no longer return anytime that day and get in the Fast Pass line.
The Fast Pass system was created so guests would not have to stand in long lines. Instead, you can get a Fast Pass and return during the window of time to get in the Fast Pass line, and get into the attraction faster.
So while you’re playing beat the clock to get back to your ride before the end time on your Fast Pass, don’t forget to leave yourself a few extra minutes before getting in that Fast Pass line to get another Fast Pass!

In addition, Disney is currently testing a new Fast Pass that’s being referred to as Fast Pass + or XPass. With this pass you pre-select your Fast Pass ride times before arriving in Disney and receive a plastic Fast Pass card that you swipe at the Kiosk at the specified time you chose. Currently, about 300 guests per day are testing this new Fast Pass system in the Magic Kingdom. They are still permitted to use their park pass and get other Fast Passes but it’s unclear whether that will be the case when the new Fast Pass is implemented.

Would you want to choose your Fast Pass ride times in advance? It sure would help slow the “race” to rides such as Soarin’ in Epcot and Toy Story Mania in Disney Hollywood Studios when those parks open each day!


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