Just One Day

What would you do with just one whole day to park hop in Walt Disney World?
I’ve asked myself that same question after recently learning that my daughter Kelly is going to do this tomorrow. She’s attending a conference in Orlando and will be arriving one day early and going to Disney to attempt getting through all four parone in one day.
Last week she emailed me her aggressive plan to accomplish that. Since she will be traveling solo she figures she won’t have the drag of waiting for anyone to keep up with her. Her plan includes using the Fast Pass and single rider lines on rides such as Expedition Everest, Rock’n Roller Coaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. She also plans to hit Splash Mountain (the first ride we always go on when we travel there as a family). I also reminded her to ride Test Track in Epcot as tomorrow will be the last day to ride it before it goes down for an extensive refurbishment and storyline change that is expected to last until fall.
I also need to remind her to stop and smell the roses….and I mean literally as the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom!
And pictures…I told her to take lots of pictures and upload them to Facebook while she’s on the bus ride from park to park.
I hope when she’s finished she still has enough energy for her conference!


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