Port Orleans Riverside Resort Review

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Port Orleans Riverside Resort is the most charming of the moderate resorts.
It has the best moderate resort location with a short 10 minute bus ride to both Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
The resort itself is located in what they call the Downtown Disney “area.”
This can be confusing because it’s not located in Downtown Disney however, it offers a short boat ride on the Sassagoula River to Downtown Disney, something no other resort does.
It’s a larger resort with 2048 rooms. The resort has two areas, the Alligator Bayou and the Magnolia Bend. If you want to be closer to the pool and food court, request a room in Magnolia Bend.
We stayed in one of the recently refurbished rooms in Magnolia Bend. The beds have been upgraded to queen size beds and the rooms now have flat screen TV’s. The new rooms have a more deluxe feel to them.

In March, Disney will begin offering Royal Guest rooms as an option at Riverside. These rooms are part of the story room theme that Disney is beginning. The rooms will be themed after the movie  Princess and the Frog.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort is one of the few moderate resorts that allow 5 people to occupy a room. But make sure that one of those people is under age 10 as the bed is small and made for a child.

Another bonus at this resort is the horse-drawn carriage rides. They begin at Riverside but you have the choice to ride through Riverside or the French Quarter.

Bus service was good at this resort but you have to be patient for the stops that are made within the resort. If you don’t like waiting, the Port Orleans French Quarter resort only has one stop.

I enjoy this resort and also the French Quarter. Both are always at the top of my list for a moderate resort.


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