Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

Today is Mickey Mouse’s birthday. And I’m happy to say I share the same birthday as Mickey. Every year on my (our) birthday, I think about my next trip to Walt Disney World and how cool it would be if those of us who have the same birthday as Mickey got something special! My first choice would be a stay in the Castle Suite in Cinderella’s Castle, or maybe a month long visit to the World so I can see everything in one trip.
Since those two things are about as likely as me hitting the lottery, I guess I will just look forward to my upcoming trip in a few weeks and begin planning my “big” trip next year.
You see, next year is one of those “milestone” birthdays. The kind that you want to plan to be somewhere very special for. I’ve been telling my husband for many months that I’m not spending THAT birthday at home. And being a travel agent, I’ve pondered the many exotic places I could go to ring in this special day. But I keep coming back to the place I consider my home away from home … Walt Disney World. What better place to turn that milestone number? And since I don’t want to feel old, I figured I better do something that makes me feel young!
So my plan is to spend 4 nights on the Disney Dream and then 5 more nights in Walt Disney World. My biggest decisions between now and then will be what resort to stay at (I’m leaning toward the Polynesian Resort, Club Level) and what restaurant to celebrate my birthday dinner!
And although they don’t seem like difficult decisions to make, I may just change my mind 50 time between now and then.

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