Flying the Costly Skies

For most people, traveling to Walt Disney World means booking a flight to get there. And the price of that flight can really impact your total trip cost which is why everyone wants to find the best prices. And with the rising cost of baggage fees, those costs have to be factored in also.
While you can book most flights 345 days prior to departure, Southwest Airlines and Air Tran can only be booked about 6 – 8 months out. For my trips to Disney I usually wait till Southwest and Air Tran have their prices out before booking since Southwest has no baggage fees and Air Tran are lower than most. And admit it, we all look at the flight prices even after we book our flights to see if they went down.
I prefer Southwest Airlines since they have no baggage fees or change fees. I recently made a flight change to my Southwest flight itinerary and it was very easy. But I have no real airline loyalty. The best priced flights for my trip is where I book!
The downside to Southwest is you don’t have assigned seats. You either have to add the Early Bird Check In to your flight at $10 per person each way or go online exactly 24 hours before your flight and hope you get boarding section A. The Early Bird Check In guarantees you boarding section A. If you get boarding section B or C you may not get seats together.
And even flying other airlines, if you book your flights online and don’t (or can’t) book a seat, you may not be on that flight. Last month as I boarded a flight to Houston, 2 women were called at the gate and told the flight was full and they would have to take another flight. When the women questioned it, the airline representative asked if they booked the flight online, which they did. She then told them they didn’t book seats which meant they didn’t have a seat on that flight. The airlines will oversell flights, which is why I always recommend booking with a travel agent 😉


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