Does Disney Have An Off-season?

I get asked this question a lot by people looking to plan their Walt Disney World Vacation during a less crowded time of year. And yes, Disney does have a slow season. But there are events throughout the year that attract lots of people.
Free dining which has been offered in September for the last 6 years or so continues to draw crowds. After that comes the Epcot Food and Wine Festival and Halloween, both very popular times to visit Disney. Fall is a good time to visit Disney if you want to avoid summer crowds and heat. Try to avoid Thanksgiving week and Christmas week if at all possible because those will be the most crowded.
Early December can be a nice time to visit as the parks are all decorated and the Christmas week crowds have not yet arrived. January and February are probably the least crowded times to visit but you have to remember that Florida gets cold fronts too so it might not be shorts and T-shirt weather. The two best low crowd and good weather months I’ve visited Disney have been November and March.


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