The Great Refillable Mug Debate

It came as no surprise to me to hear that Disney is now testing a refillable mug that limits it’s use. But this topic has – and likely always will- be hotly debated on Disney fan sites everywhere.
For those who may not know…Disney offers refillable mugs at all Disney-owned resorts. You pay one price (about $14) for each mug which you can refill at your resort food court during your vacation. You can then take the souvenir mug home. The problem occurred when people brought back those mugs and used them on future vacations. Every year I see people at the food courts using old mugs. I just assumed Disney didn’t mind. But apparently they do.
By having an RFID chip embedded in the mug, it will not only limit refills to length of stay but it will also keep guests from repeatedly refilling the mug and emptying it into another container by limiting the time between refills. The new system is currently being tested at the All Star Sports resort. reported that not only where guests bringing back old mugs to refill but they were bringing personal containers to refill at the beverage centers.
So what do you think? Should Disney have just allowed free refills or was that not fair to those who purchased refillable mugs every visit?


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