Must You Sacrifice Service to Get A Deal?

Everyone wants to get a good deal on a vacation but they also want good service. You want to know that when you have questions about your vacation or planning the vacation, you have someone to call for the answers.
This is especially true when planning a Disney vacation. There are so many details to your Disney vacation that it’s probably the destination that requires the most amount of pre-planning. Dining reservations, park hours, fast passes, ride descriptions, extra magic hours and Disney’s Photo Pass, are all things people need to know details about, so when they arrive they don’t spend their vacation trying to figure it out! I’m amazed at the amount of people I’ve met in Disney that told me they didn’t know what Fast Pass was or how to use it.
Some people believe that they must sacrifice service to get the best deal, which is not true.
Pretty much any discount or promotion offered by Walt Disney World, can be booked by a travel agent also, including the elusive Pin Codes and promotions for Disney Visa cardholders. So if you’re one of those people who would like to be able to contact the same person with questions about your Disney vacation, or you want someone to make all those dining reservations for you, then you may want to consider booking with a local travel agent.

Blogger Sharon Spohn ( Disney Diva) is a travel consultant and Disney Vacation Planning Expert with Liberty Travel, Coventry Mall, in Pottstown. She can be reached at 610-327-8400 or


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