Motion Sickness Part II

I just returned from a 7 night cruise in the Caribbean where I took ginger root to ward off any motion sickness.
I have to say it was an outstanding success! There were no nasty side effects like sleepiness or dry mouth that I’ve experienced with other medicine for motion sickness. And even though the ship really rocked at some points during the cruise, it never made me feel sick.
I had put off cruising for years because I was afraid I’d be one of those people that spent the whole week in my cabin being sick. And that was not the case at all!
During dinner one night the motion sickness discussion came up and one of the people at our table said that he saw a show on TV where they tested motion sickness medicine and ginger root and used a simulator to create the motion. He told us that apparently, those who took ginger root were the only ones that did not become sick from the simulator.
I will not hesitate to go on another cruise and in fact, I’m already planning my next one!


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