Are Disney Discounts Dissipating?

The deep discounting we’ve been seeing from Walt Disney World over the past few years might be on its way to becoming a thing of the past.
In recent weeks we all waited expecting Disney to announce it’s free dining promotion which it has announced at this time of year every year for the past 5 years. But no such announcement came. Some people received postcards offering free dining with a pin, but there was no promotion open to the general public.
And as exciting as it is that Disney will now sail from New York beginning in 2012, I would not expect discounts there either. Most of the ships that sail from northeast ports book up quickly because travelers don’t have the cost of airfare. So that in itself is a savings. Disney is now taking reservations for those 2012 sailings so if you want to go, I’d book now as I expect those sailings to fill up quickly.
And while I don’t think Disney will ever stop giving some sort of discounts throughout the year, I do think the days of the deep discounts are gone as we see travel on the increase once again.


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