Disney Reducing Wait Times in Ride Lines

When you want to communicate with someone instantly you text them. To get the latest news you don’t need a TV or radio, you just need a smart phone. So of course you’d want the latest technology used to reduce wait times in Walt Disney World so you can get on more rides.
And that’s exactly what Disney is doing.
While we spend our days in parks plotting what rides to get fast passes for and what rides to wait in line for, Disney is monitoring the length of the lines and moving cast members to help shorten those lines. They are also monitoring crowd levels and can break up crowded areas by moving a small parade, street show or characters to an area that’s less crowded.
The nerve center of this operation -called the Disney Operational Command Center-is located under Cinderella’s Castle. The center has video cameras, park maps and flat-screen TV’s that display color codes for ride wait times.
Research revealed the average park visitor can get to about 9 rides a day. With it’s new technology in place over the last few months, Disney has been able to increase that number to 10.
Disney has always been an innovator of technology. Even Nasa was looking at Disney’s electromagnetic launch technology used to create the Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

“I believe in being an innovator. Tomorrow can be a wonderful age.” –Walt Disney


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