Why Wait? Get That Vacation Planned!

While many people wait for a promotion to come out before they book their Disney vacation, you’ll have more time to plan if you book the dates you want and then change your reservation to the promotion when it is announced.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my reservations when I book my Disney vacation. Mostly because I changed my mind on the resort but I’ve already changed it for a promotion too! And yes, you can do that.
One year I had booked the Swan and Dolphin resort which is not a Disney owned resort but a Starwood Resort on Disney property. I was so excited to stay at this resort which is walking distance to Epcot. But then a free dining promotion was announced and I could not pass up free dining so I changed resorts to a Disney resort in order to take advantage of free dining.
If you dates are flexible and you can wait for a promotion that appeals to you then wait for it. But don’t wait too long because what you expect to save with a promotion you may end up spending on airfare!
If your dates are set, get the resort you want reserved. And if a promotion comes out that you can take advantage of, switch to that promotion.
I don’t usually make predictions about Disney but I believe this year we will see less free dining offered. Last year it was offered for specific weeks through September 2011. That promotion ended Dec. 26th. I was hoping it would resurface with January’s promotion but it didn’t. The new promotion is a room rate discount.
But no matter how you book or when, give yourself enough time for the planning part. Disney is one of those vacations where the planning is a lot of fun. And planning 6-12 months out allows you the best resort choices, dining reservations (which can be made 6 months prior to arrival), and character dining options. And the character dining is what books up first. So if you’re little princess has her heart set on dining with Disney Princesses, don’t wait it out. There’s already been an increase in travel planning for 2011.

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