The Cold Can and Will Reach Florida

I was in Disney in December 2007 and the weather was gorgeous. This year it’s a different story and that’s something you need to take into consideration when planning a trip during the colder winter months. Last year in March it was chilly also. The weather in Florida in January and February can be very unpredictable and cold. But December and March are usually a safe bet. This year it’s different. And since most people plan their Disney vacation more than 6 months out, there is no way of knowing for sure. I always recommend keeping track of the weather there several weeks prior to leaving so you at least know what’s trending.
During my visit 3 years ago in December, it was cold at night with 40’s and 50’s as the lows and nice during the day with low to mid 80’s and no humidity.
Last week some days didn’t even reach 50.
Walt Disney World resort pools are heated to 82 degrees but when it’s that chilly who feels like swimming?
I’d opt for the spa, a warm refuge from the cold and great therapy on the leg muscles after long days walking through the parks.


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