Well, it took me a few days to actually get online to blog about my trip but here I am and I can tell you its been an amazing trip so far!

Prague is an awesome city that I believe everyone should see at some point in their life. The history, architecture, the castle, St. Vitus Cathederal…and dont forget town square…an amazing array of shops situated among great historical places. I never considered myself a history buff but I found the details of the history completely fascinating!

Munich was an awesome city also with many small shops that donned Christmas decorations to take home! Today we also traveled to Oberammergau, which is an adorable village located in the Bavarian Alps of Germany and the location of the Passion Play which is performed every 10 years. We toured this awesome village and the theatre where the play is performed and its hard to believe such a beautiful little village exists!

Tomorrow we will leave Salzburg, Austria and head to Melk where we will join our Uniworld River Cruise on the beautiful River Beatrice.

Stay tuned!

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