Unlike my annual trips to Walt Disney world where I pack half my wardrobe to have “choices,” packing and preparing for travel to Europe is requiring a lot more planning.
It’s recommended to pack light when on a tour since I’ll be the one lugging my luggage around. So I’m in search of the largest suitcase I can find to hold cold weather clothes for 10 days, plus the plethora of souvenirs I know I’ll find. I’m also considering shipping some items home.
My mother-in-law offered her fold flat bag which I can pack in my suitcase then check as an extra bag on the way home (thanks, mom!).
First checked bag is free on my flight to Europe but the second is $55 (OUCH!).
I will be taking a carry-on but not a purse since pickpocketers target tourists in Europe. I’m also not taking a backpack because I read somewhere that carrying a backpack is like wearing a neon tourist sign on your back.
Our overnight flight to Prague departs from New York so we’ve arranged car service to take us there. They drive to these airports every day and know what to expect with traffic.
As we prepared for this trip we also learned that to enter the Czech Republic we need to prove we have health insurance. This is where travel insurance comes in handy, especially since most health insurance providers do not cover you outside the United States.
And probably most important for comfort, are shoes! The streets are all cobblestone so flat supportive shoes are in order.
So while all these items are lined up and ready to go…nothing is packed yet because I’m still searching for the perfect suitcase.


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