Disney Launches 2011 Theme

Walt Disney World announced Thursday that it’s theme for 2011 is “Let The Memories Begin.” With the focus being on making memories at Disney parks, Disney will be accepting photos and video clips of your favorite Disney memory caught on tape. They’re already running some in their TV commercials and they’re a delight to watch as several children are surprised in various ways about their upcoming Disney vacation.
The company also plans to use clips submitted by guests to project pictures and video above Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World and in It’s a Small World in Disneyland every evening in 2011.
This is a great theme for Disney to launch because Disney vacations are all about making memories. I have pictures all over my house that remind me of the Disney memories we’ve made over the years. And although my daughters are older now, it’s still the only destination that I know we will all spend the week together having fun and creating new memories.
For more information on submitting your memories, go to:

Sharon Spohn is a travel agent with Liberty Travel in the Coventry Mall, Pottstown, PA. She can be reached at spohns@libertytravel.com or 610-327-8400.

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