Pamper Your Pets At Walt Disney World

Ever wish you could take your dog or cat to Walt Disney World with you? Now you can. Well, you could before and board them at the kennel on Disney property but now your pet can be pampered while you’re enjoying your Disney vacation!
Your pet can stay in a standard 32-square-foot suite or opt for a VIP (very important pet) 250-square-foot luxury suite a suite with a flat screen TV, raised bed and private doggy yard! There is also a 1,300-square-foot canine only water park where dogs can romp and play in water. The facility also has other services including a grooming facility and day camp.
We drove by this facility during our trip to Disney several weeks ago. It’s conveniently located near many Disney resorts on Bonnet Creek Parkway in Lake Buena Vista.
The luxury pet facility can accommodate not only cats and dogs but even smaller pets like birds, rabbits and even reptiles.
For more information about rates and services you can call 877 4 WDW PETS or visit their web site at


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