Discounts Galore!

I just returned from a week in Disney and the first thing I noticed was that it was not crowded. Others who were there for the first time may not agree. But I’ve taken many of my Disney vacations during the summer and I’d say this was the least crowded ever.
So when I returned home and saw that Disney is extending free dining for select dates up through September 2011, I wasn’t surprised. They’ve also revived the gift card promotion which is available through the end of 2010. And if that’s not enough, they have the room discount code of up to 40% off.
I believe the best value of them all is the free dining.
My recent trip was booked with the gift card promotion and that was convenient because the whole family was there and making dining reservations for a large group and keeping everyone together is an almost impossible task.
I did like the gift card promotion but I like free dining better. Free dining is about as close to all-inclusive as you’re going to get in Disney. And I like that with the dining plan you don’t have to think about the cost, you just have to choose what you want to eat.
I found that with the gift card (even though it was a $750 gift card because I stayed at a deluxe resort), I was watching the costs more because I wanted to make the gift card last.
So would I book the free gift card promotion again? Probably not. When I vacation I like to leave Mrs. Frugal at home.

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