Prepare For Heat

Today’s weather forecast in Orlando is for the high to be 93 degrees but it’s going to feel like 101 degrees.
And there’s nothing worse than being in a crowded park with the sun beating down on you when it’s that hot.
I’ve been watching the forecast for Orlando as my trip nears to see how the weather is trending.
The heat of summer is manageable in Florida but I believe you have to have a plan, especially if you’re traveling with young children or the elderly.
If you’ve been to Disney during the summer you know that they keep you out of the sun once you’re in the ride line and at many attractions there is air conditioning in those areas too. But there’s still times you’ll be in the sun, especially during afternoon parades.
Disney sells water spray bottles with fans attached that work well to stay cool. The same bottles can be bought at home but I like the ones in Disney because they have a strap.
Midday breaks from the parks to relax at your air conditioned resort or by the pool also help to stay cool. Even though at this time of year the pool water feels like bathtub water, it’s still a refreshing break.
Staying hydrated is a must. So you either need to arrange to buy bottled water and keep it in your refrigerator in your room (at deluxe and moderate resorts), or deal with the cost of bottled water in the parks which is now $2.50 per bottle.
I have one person traveling with us that is going by car so that person will bring cases of water to fill our refrigerators. Other options include taking a cab to a local store to buy bottled water. It really depends on how many people are traveling in your party and how important it is to you to save money on water.
Another way I try to beat the heat is to head to the indoor shows and attractions when it’s really hot or alternate between an indoor and outdoor attraction so nobody is standing in the heat for an extended amount of time.
The typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm is a nice break from the heat but sometimes those showers don’t happen. If they do, and you can run for cover somewhere till it’s over, you may find shorter lines afterward as some people will leave the parks when the storms arrive.
But one of the best ways to stay cool in the heat is to go on rides that will get you wet! Splash Mountain is a good choice in the Magic Kingdom and Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom will have you feeling like you just showered with your clothes on!


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