Disney Free Dining Extended

Disney has extended free dining but it appears they are being selective to the weeks it’s offered this fall.
Last year it was extended through most of the fall but this year it appears they just have certain weeks to fill and that’s when it’s being offered.
Here are the dates: 8/15/10 to 10/7/10; 10/22/10 to 10/28/10; 11/12/10 to 11/18/10;11/27/10 to 12/2/10 and 12/10/10 to 12/21/10.
The free dining plan requires a 5 night stay. If you stay at a value resort you get free quick service dining but if you stay at a moderate or deluxe resort you get the table service dining plan.
I’ve always been a fan of the free dining program that Disney offers because I think it’s one of the biggest ways to save. You get plenty of food and it’s good food.
When my family visited Disney during free dining we kept our receipts to see what we would have paid. Our receipts totaled $1,300 for 2 adults and 2 teens. That’s quite a savings! And with the multitude of cuisine choices there’s plenty of variety.
One recommendation I have is that if you book during this fall free dining, make dining reservations as soon as possible after you book so you can get reservations at restaurants you want.
Don’t miss our Disney Weekend at Liberty Travel July 15 – 18th. E-mail me if you would like details.

Sharon Spohn is a travel agent at Liberty Travel in the Coventry Mall, Pottstown. She can be reached at spohns@libertytravel.com or 610-327-8400.


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