Booking Your Disney Vacation

If you know when you want to go to Walt Disney World and you know what resort you want to stay in, book it.
Many people wait for a special promotion but if you’re already booked your reservation can be moved to that promotion while not changing your reservation at all.
I had many clients booked for August and September that after free dining was announced, I moved their reservation into the free dining promotion so they would benefit from this great promotion. This also goes for other promotions Disney has offered. When good promotions are offered, the best room categories and resorts book up fast so why not be ahead of the game?
In 2009 and 2010 Disney offered many great promotions such as the buy 4 nights get 3 nights free and the gift card promotion in which the resort gave you a gift card when you arrived. These were not measly gift cards and could be used on almost anything! Guests at value resorts got a $300 gift card, moderate resorts got $500 and deluxe resorts received a $750 gift card!
What you need to be careful of. is that you’re getting the promotion that you believe you’re getting.
In one online community a man posted that he booked his trip and thought he was getting the gift card promotion. His documents came in the mail and he didn’t see anything about the gift card but still believed that’s the promotion he booked under. He arrived at the resort and learned that he did not get booked under the gift card promotion.
He was soured by the experience and rightfully so.
You need to know that whoever books your vacation is going to be watching out for you and watching for additional promotions that could benefit you or save you money.
Before my career as a travel agent, I booked one of my annual trips with an agency that devoted an entire decorated desk and agent to specializing in Disney so I figured they were the ‘experts.’ After booking, I learned online of a promotion going on during my visit. I was annoyed that when I called, the agent didn’t even know about the promotion and I had to tell her to change my reservation to the new promotion. I knew then that the decorations all over the desk did not make this person an expert.
My recommendation is do your research online then book with a travel agent in person so that in the event you have an issue, you have someone who will take care of your vacation and put your best interest first.

Sharon Spohn is a travel agent with Liberty Travel in the Coventry Mall, Pottstown. She can be reached at 610-327-8400 or


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