Disney with a Disability

Disney is probably one of the best destinations to visit for disability accommodations. They have handicap accessible rooms, wheelchair and ECV rentals and even specific ride lines for those who need those vehicles to get around.

I never gave much thought to disabilities in Disney until two years ago when I was diagnosed with plantar faciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel and your toes. While I had never even heard of this diagnosis previously, I continue to hear of more people being diagnosed. Statistics show that over a lifetime, 10 percent of the population is diagnosed with this condition.

Last fall, in addition to the plantar faciitis, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the heel of the same foot.  I spent 5 weeks in a boot cast and another 7 weeks in it again this spring after unknowingly re-fracturing it. The boot cast came off yesterday and I’m delighted about that yet nervous about my trip that’s less than 6 weeks away.

So my game plan is to alternate between a variety of good supportive shoes, no flip-flops in the parks, and daily breaks to give my foot a rest.

Disney is also great about accommodating requests, especially if it’s something that you need to make your vacation enjoyable or something you need medically. They will provide a refrigerator free of charge to those staying at a value resort if it’s necessary to keep medication cold. I’ve also requested (and was provided) a room close to a bus stop and the food court of the resort since I’ve had  this condition.

So no matter what your need may be, don’t hesitate to ask Disney to accommodate you.


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