Getting Your Disney Legs On

Most people are surprised at how much walking they do when they take a vacation to Walt Disney World.
Several years ago my daughters decided to take a pedometer to determine just how many miles we put on in a day. They used it several days and it calculated that we walked 11-14 miles a day!
It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And if you don’t do some prep work before your trip, you’ll be feeling it by day two.
We always started walking daily 2-3 months before our vacation.
This year my husband and I have changed our lifestyle and now hit the gym 6 days a week so we’re going
to Disney much stronger (and leaner) than we have before.
But it’s more than just getting your muscles ready for all that walking.
Feet are a really big issue in Disney and having the right shoes and sandals is critical. I say this as I sit here in a boot cast for the last five weeks with a stress fracture. While I’m certain the boot will be off in time for my August trip, I’m still concerned about the stress on my foot with those long days of walking the parks. This is where good supportive sneakers and sandals play a crucial role.
I’m not a sneaker person in the summer. They make me feel like my feet are suffocating, even if I wear the mesh ones with light socks. So I opt for sandals.
This year I found the Skecher Shape Ups, which have great arch support. Many other companies make these shoes and they’re not for everyone. By the 3rd day I walked in them I could feel the “toning” in my leg muscle.
Definitely a shoe that I would wear for a while before wearing to Disney.
Another big summer issue with feet in Disney is blisters.
This is almost unavoidable but I’ve found that there are blister Band Aids out there and I always take them along.
And ladies, if you get a pedicure before you go to Disney, don’t let them go overboard with the foot file. It makes your feet too soft and more prone to blisters.


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