Hurricane Season

No one likes to think about a hurricane affecting their vacation plans but the reality is, if you travel in the summer, you’re at risk.
I always use the example of my Disney trip in August 2004.
Got a great last-minute deal online and decided that since it was only about 6 weeks away when we booked it,  I didn’t need insurance.
Just days before we were scheduled to leave for Disney, Hurricane
Charley hit Florida. While the hurricane itself had passed just one day
before (leaving us to think we were in the clear), it wasn’t until
we arrived at the airport that we found out our flight was cancelled.
We later learned that the airport terminal was damaged by the
The only thing I could think of was that we didn’t buy insurance.
Here we were at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning at the Philadelphia
International Airport before I even had my first cup of coffee for
the day, looking at each other and wondering what to do.
The airline representative said maybe we could fly out Tuesday or
I looked at my husband and asked him if he knew how to get to Disney
by car. Within the hour we were leaving the airport and heading south
on I-95. Exactly 18 hours later we cheered as we drove through
the Walt Disney World archway. We made it and only lost one park day.
Now I always recommend travel protection. And since most trip
insurance does not cover hurricanes, I suggest spending a little
more and buying the cancel-for-any-reason policy. It’ll give you
piece of mind and it will pay for itself if you have to use it.


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