Summer Nightastic in Disney

Those of you traveling to Walt Disney World this summer will be in for some changes!
Disney announced Summer Nightastic beginning in early June and running through August 14.
During this time there will be a new-yet unnamed- fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first being such a fan of the Wishes fireworks but I know Disney and it’s reputation for great things so I’ll be looking forward to it.
Another change this summer is that SpectroMagic – the Magic Kingdom’s parade of lighted floats that appear almost nightly – will be replaced with the Main Street Electrical Parade. Having no patience to wait, I searched for it on YouTube and watched some of it. I love SpectroMagic, it’s theme song is the ring tone on my cell phone, but the Main Street Electrical Parade looks like a fun parade I’m sure I’ll enjoy.
Another change announced is the new drop sequences in Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I’ve only gone on this ride once and did not really like it. But I’m thinking I may give it a second chance this summer and see if I feel differently.
Sometime in 2010 Disney will remove Toon Town in order to make way for their massive expansion to the Magic Kingdom. So take the opportunity to make one last visit, especially if you have little ones.
And since it’s wedding season I feel the need to mention this to anyone honeymooning in Disney. Buy the Minnie and Mickey bride and groom ears (online or at the Disney store in downtown Disney). Lots of magic seems to happen to brides and grooms wearing these in the parks!


One thought on “Summer Nightastic in Disney

  1. I also didn't like the Tower of Terror the first time I rode it. I rode with my son…my wife refused. The second year we went me wife and I rode it and it's an entirely different experience the second time around..and the third..and the fourth. Anyway it really is a lot of fun after the initial scare.

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