Once Again, Disney Extends A Great Offer

Disney has extended it’s Gift Card Promotion through Aug. 14, allowing summer travelers a good deal when staying at a Disney-owned resort.
If you stay 5 or more nights in a deluxe resort you will get a $750 gift card (per room) when you check into your resort. If you stay at a moderate resort you get a $500 gift card. When you stay at a value resort you get a $300 gift card.
Disney traditionally doesn’t offer specials in the summer but the promotion was extended shortly after the company reported flat sales in the theme parks for the last quarter. This is good news for those families who need to make their trips in the summer when the children are not in school.
In addition, Disney is also offering a room discount special. You will have to choose between the two since they don’t allow stacking of promotions. I checked both and for my trip the gift card promotion is the better deal.
The gift cards are Disney gift cards and can be used for anything in Walt Disney World.
Just remember if you’re considering taking advantage of this promotion that airfare is going to go quickly!

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