Have A Game Plan

Whether you’ve been to Walt Disney World lately or not, it’s always a good idea to have a game plan for when you get there. In addition to four parks and two water parks, there is amazing restaurants, character dining, parades, fireworks, downtown Disney, backstage tours and much more!
Although my trips are yearly now and I talk about Disney on a daily basis for my job, I still have some sort of game plan when I go. And that plan usually depends on who I’m traveling with and the time of year we’re traveling.
One of the first items I purchase every year to help me plan my trip is the Passporter for Walt Disney World. This spiral bound book with glossy pages, maps, and places for writing details about the trip, is one of my must-haves. It’s written by Dave and Jennifer Marx and has valuable input from their two children. This veteran Disney family and their dedicated fans and staff give you their honest opinions on all things Disney.
From ride ratings from both adult and children’s perspective to resort and park ratings, this book has it all. I always recommend it to my clients booking Disney vacations. It helps to sort out the details.
The Passporter is going to be even more helpful to me this year as our family plans my 2-year-old granddaughter’s first trip to Disney. My oldest daughter was 5 when I first took her to Disney so we were beyond needing a stroller and afternoon naps. I’m learning from this book what rides she can go on, strategies for renting or taking a stroller and a plethora of other information I know will be helpful.
I’ve always purchased the book at larger book stores such as Barnes and Noble but the Passporter can be purchased on their website at: www.passporter.com
In addition to the book, we’ve purchased the Passporter Passholders. It’s smaller than a wallet and holds park passes, room keys, cash and even lip balm! It’s a great way to go “bagless” into the parks. You’ll find that on the Web site also.
Although the Super Bowl approaches and some of us don’t have a team playing this year, those of us with 2010 Disney trips on the horizon, will be starting to make our own Game Plan!


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