2010 Changes in Disney World

Some changes are going on in Disney this year including the removal of Toon Town to make way for the expansion of the Magic Kingdom.
The Crystal Palace restaurant in the Magic Kingdom is currently closed for refurbishment. Because it’s character dining is so popular, they’ve moved characters to the Liberty Tree Tavern while Crystal Palace is closed. Another change in the Magic Kingdom is the reopening of Space Mountain after a 9-month long refurbishment. The People Mover – which passes through Space Mountain – was also closed. The voice recording that has entertained guests riding the People Mover has been changed and many people are not happy about that change. I’ll reserve my opinion for after I hear it.
Another change taking place in 2010 is the price of the dining plan. The regular dining plan is now priced based on what season it is. So if you’re an adult getting the dining plan in peak season, you’ll pay $46.99 per day for the table service dining versus $41.99 per day during value season.
Disney has continued in 2010 with another promotion to get guests in the parks and at their resorts in a slower economy. If you book a Disney vacation and stay at a Disney resort before June 3, you can get a gift card of $300 if you stay at a value resort; $500 if you stay at a moderate resort and $750 if you stay at a deluxe resort. While it’s not as good as the buy 4 nights get 3 free, it’s close.


3 thoughts on “2010 Changes in Disney World

  1. I take my family every year. We always stay at the French Quarter. We fell in love with the place the very first time we went. I think it's a combination of the River, the decor and that you feel like you're actually walking down cobblestone streets in the evening with the street lights on. Anyway, we are thus far not happy about Toontown being taken away. Toontown was so colorful and you had all the Character Greets. I'll reserve comment on the new addition until I see it.

  2. Hi,

    I’m taking my family of six to Disney World in March of 2011. I still need to book the villa, the car rental and purchase theme park tickets. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get coupons and discounts for my upcoming trip?

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