Don’t Miss Out On Photopass!

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of Photopass when you’re visiting Walt Disney World. There are a couple ways to take advantage. Disney’s photopass photographers are in every park and can almost always be found in front of backdrops like Cinderella’s Castle. You can have them take your picture and they will give you a photopass card with a bar code on and an access code on the back. You can then use that card to get photos taken by any photopass photographer (including the ones at character meet and greets) in any park during your stay. They will scan your card and add each photo. When you go home, you can go to the website provided on the card and entere the number on the back to access your photos. You only pay for the pictures you want printed and sent to you. So there’s no cost to you unless you want to buy photos.
Another way to take advantage of photopass is to buy the photopass CD for $99 and have a private photo shoot with the photographer and your family. This service is available at the deluxe resorts. You’ll get the CD with all the pictures and the rights to all of those pictures. We had 66 pictures on our CD. All were great photos taken inside and outside the Beach Club Resort. We also received as a part of the package of two 8X10 photos and three 5X7’s that they printed for us there. We chose the photos we wanted. This is a great way to get some nice professional family photos taken in Disney for an affordable price.
But don’t forget YOUR camera too. There’s still a lot of things for you to take pictures of.


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