Beach Club Review

On my most recent Disney trip I stayed at the Beach Club for the first time. This resort is in the deluxe category and is located just outside of Epcot.
The resort has a New England style beach theme that gives it a tranquil feel.
The 576 guest rooms are weaved into what I felt was a maze once inside the resort. It probably took a few days just to memorize how many lefts and right to take to get back to the room. But in true Disney fashion, there were signs showing which rooms were down each hallway so one could never really get lost. We were on the first floor in room 1522. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our room number had our wedding anniversary date in it (5/22) since it was what we were celebrating. Disney does things like that. Most of the rooms at the Beach Club have been recently refurbished. They have flat screen HD TV’s on the wall, new carpet and posturepedic pillow top mattresses that were so comfortable that I’m going out to buy one! And conveniently, they have a brochure in your room that lists the bedding and linen type if you want to purchase it.
I love how close this resort was to Epcot. Our room was on the side of the resort closest to that park and we had a 5 minute walk from our room. The main pool which is shared with the Beach Club’s sister resort, The Yacht Club, has a sand bottom, lazy river and sand dunes in the children’s pool area. This main pool kind of winds around and morphs into the different pool categories. To get into this pool area you must show your room key and get a wristband. Because of it’s popularity, they don’t want pool hoppers. Closer to our room was another “quiet” pool and a hot tub.
The food court at this resort was small, as are most deluxe resort food courts in Disney. It combines with a small gift shop. The gift shop was a little disappointing. I thought it should be bigger and have more Beach Club merchandise.
Overall, this resort has moved to the top of my favorites list. I love how close it is to the boardwalk area, Jellyrolls and the ESPN Club. That’s a great area to spend an evening outside the parks.
I would definitely recommend requesting a room that’s not on the first floor. I found it too noisy late at night. But that’s a downside to staying on the first floor in any resort.

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