Beverages in Disney

Like many people, coffee is a very important start to my day. But the coffee I’ve found at the Disney resorts, leave a lot to be desired. I’ve tried adding extra sugar, cream, and even hot chocolate to make it taste better but it doesn’t work.
Since going without morning coffee is not an option, I now take my own.
I believe all the Disney resorts have coffee makers in the rooms. They are your traditional coffee makers with a basket that holds a filter. I bring my own coffee and filters. I believe some of the coffee makers have the basket with the built in filters but I bring my own just in case.
And while on the subject of beverages in Disney, I would always recommend buying the refillable mugs offered at each resort. For about $12, you can fill them up at the food court as much as you choose during your stay. They can be filled with soda, iced tea, hot chocolate and there are usually some fruit punch or lemonade choices. The mugs also make a great souvenir.
As May begins the very warm season in Disney with temperatures this week well into the 90’s, staying hydrated is a necessity.

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