Don’t Be Surprised!

Those of you (like me) who have an upcoming Disney trip planned should not be surprised when you arrive and it appears that Disney is immune to the recession and struggling economy. Several friends have recently returned from Walt Disney World and told me that it was crowded! Now you expect higher crowds during the holidays but I’ve heard it’s crowded now and it was crowded back in February when there usually are no crowds. It would appear that many people took advantage of Disney’s generous buy 4 get 3 nights free offer.
I’ve found the best way to deal with crowded parks is to have a game plan in place. What has always worked for me is getting up early, getting to the park at opening (or shortly after), getting on my favorite rides in the morning before those who sleep in arrive at the parks. After lunch, we go back to our resort and take a pool break for a couple hours during the worst heat of the day. By late afternoon we’re refreshed and ready to head back to the parks for the evening.

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