What Will You Celebrate?

Disney has begun advertising it’s newest promotion for 2009 – What Will You Celebrate?
The other day I get an e-mail from Disney with that question in the subject line.
I open the e-mail and it tells me to click on the link which then takes me to what appears to be a TV news page with a live streaming video. The video shows Disney rides and parades but with my name plastered everywhere. It’s a great promotion and at the end of the video I had the opportunity to send it to friends. And in true Disney magic, when they viewed the video their names were plastered everywhere. It’s a little hard to describe but if anyone wants it sent to them just e-mail me your name and e-mail address (to disneydiva1@gmail.com) and I’ll forward it.
My 2009 trip is already booked but if it wasn’t, this video would definitely give me food for thought. Disney is one of the best places to celebrate something. I don’t think any other destination makes as much fuss as they do.
My husband and I honeymooned in Disney almost 5 years ago. We bought the Mickey and Minnie Bride and Groom Ears and wore them around the parks for just a few days. While nothing ever set in stone as far as getting Disney perks on your honeymoon (birthday, anniversary or any other celebration), we sure got our fair share.
The first day we arrived in the Magic Kingdom, a cast member approached us and asked if we’d made dinner plans yet. We said no and she told us to go to the Castle to make a reservation and they would fit us in. Well, they did and when we arrived for dinner the table was decorated in confetti, our food order was pushed ahead of everyone else’s and we received gift boxed champagne flutes with Cinderella’s Royal Table on them from the cast members at the Castle. But that wasn’t the only surprise we had. We got moved ahead in ride lines, serenaded at put in the front row of the Beauty and the Beast pre-show and given a music CD from the group. We were also brought a surprise dessert at the Coral Reef. It just made the trip that much more special.
If you are celebrating while in Disney, stop at guest services in any park and pick up your free button. It will be well worth it – especially for children!


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