Going to Disney in 2009?

I’m going to repeat some news I announced on this blog last month in case anyone missed it who may be considering a Disney trip in 2009.
If you were on the fence about going, or even if you have a trip planned, check with your travel agent about Disney’s buy 4 nights get 3 night free promotion.
This promotion ends December 20th so you don’t have a lot of time left.
The deal is that if you book 4 nights of Disney resort accommodations, you’ll get 3 nights free! Same goes with park tickets and any of the dining plans.
I took advantage of this offer to book Disney’s Beach Club resort. I’ll show you how much I saved:

Disney’s Beach Club Resort – 7 nights at regular rate of $380/night $2660.00
resort tax at 12% 332.50
8 day Park hopper w/Waterparks tix for 2 adults 705.00
Table service dining plan at $39.99 per person, per night 559.86
Total cost for trip excluding transportation to Disney World $4257.36

Total cost that I’m paying with the Buy 4 Get 3 FREE promotion: $2851.48

I’m saving over $1,400!
Your package will cost much less if you book a value or moderate resort.
You can basically book this package on a layaway plan. The package requires just a $200 deposit and you don’t have to make final payment until 45 days before your arrival. You can make as many payments in between there as you would like. However, if you book airfare also, that total cost will have to be paid up front.
Don’t forget…this promotion ends December 20th and you must travel before June 27.
If you book and calculate your savings, e-mail me your total savings (disneydiva1@gmail.com) and we’ll put together a grand total savings that I’ll post later on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Going to Disney in 2009?

  1. Apparently, the dining plan is not included in the buy 4 nights, get 3 free deal. I asked about it when I booked my trip and they told me it was not part of the deal. Then, after reading your blog, I called again and was again told that you have to pay for all 7 nights of dining. The promotion is only for lodging and the base park tickets. Bummer. I really want to try the dining plan, but I don’t want to pay full price. I guess you just got lucky because the person you spoke with hadn’t been trained yet.

  2. Sharon’s absolutely right. We just booked 7 days from June 24-30. We really wanted to stay at the Contemporary, but for some reason,at the time, the Poly was less.So we booked the Poly for around 5k (including premo park and airline tickets). After I saw the 4/3, I called back and the CSR switched me in about 5 minutes. We BARELY made it, since the promotion ends on June 27. But we stay 24-27, and 28,29,30 are free. Bottom line is we got the resort we wanted, a Tower room WITH PARK view included, and it actually cost $630.00 less. Best deal I’ve ever wrangled out of Disney.

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