Another Disney Baby!

You can’t help but say “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” when you see this adorable baby giraffe born in Disney just 4 short weeks ago. His name is Bonsu and he is the fourth baby giraffe born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom this year. He’s the 11th giraffe born in Disney since Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, according to the Associated Press.
I have a new appreciation for giraffes since staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge last December and watching them walk around the Savannah every day. My family says I took way too many pictures and video of them during that trip. It was incredible to watch them stretch their long necks to reach leaves on the trees. When they ran it looked like they were moving in slow motion.
As fast-paced as a Disney vacation can be, you only have to spend a little time watching these animals to relax and appreciate them. Even if you’re not staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, take a bus there and you can view the Savannah from one of the viewing areas near the guest rooms. They come complete with wooden rocking chairs to sit in and relax.


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