It may be time for a Time Share

I’ve always been a skeptic of buying into a time share. They usually sound too good to be true and I’ve had friends who have experienced using a time share that was in less than satisfactory condition when they arrived. They didn’t stay one night. Instead they got a hotel room.
Now I’ve given thought to a Disney Vacation Club on several occasions. I visited one of their vacation club resorts (Boardwalk) on one of my visits. It was gorgeous and exactly how I’d like to vacation.
Lately, the temptation has been even greater! Because I know Disney’s quality and attention to detail and customer service is so great, I’d seriously consider buying a Disney Vacation Club. And it appears to me that 2009 just might be the year to buy. Disney recently announced it is beginning to sell it’s new Bay Lake Towers, the newest in the Disney Vacation Club family. Located right next to the Contemporary Resort facing the Magic Kingdom, this resort makes it quite tempting. Add to that Disney’s recent announcement that they are adding a Disney Vacation Club Resort in Hawaii, and it becomes even more tempting. Disney’s Vacation Club points can be used in so many places that even if I got tire of Disney World (which would never happen!), I’d have other places to go.
And while many time share salespeople are pushy about buying and vague about details, the Disney Vacation Club cast members offered a lot of information but not a lot of pushiness.
The way I see it is that you will spend on a Disney Vacation Club the same amount of money you would spend on a certified used car. Once paid off, you still have the points to use every year for the next 45 years. This way even though I may not know exactly where I’m spending my vacation, I’ll know I don’t have to worry about being satisfied with my accommodations.


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