The holiday season is one of the best times to visit Disney. The summer heat and humidity give way to cool nights and comfortable days.

You don’t have to wait until December to see Disney decorated for Christmas either. My neighbor told me went she visited Disney many years ago over Thanksgiving, Disney transformed the resorts into their Christmas decor on Thanksgiving night. She said the transformation was amazing and apparently happened while everyone slept. Now I think Disney moves into the holiday season in stages. Disney decorates it parks and resorts using 150 tractor trailer loads of holiday decorations.

Each resort is decorated with the resort’s theme. Large, elaborately decorated Christmas trees can be found near each park’s entrance. Photopass photographers are at every great photo spot ready to take your picture. If you’ve never used photopass, just have your picture taken by a photopass photographer (free!) and ask him for a photopass card (also free!). Keep the card and give it to any other photopass photographer you have take your pictures. When you get home from your vacation, there’s a website listed on the card. You go to it and view all the photos you had taken. The only cost is if you purchase pictures (and they’re reasonably priced too!). This is a great service Disney offers. Especially because they sometimes add some Disney magic to your photo 😉


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