Street shows in Disney

There are many street shows in Disney parks. Some of this type of entertainment is scheduled and some isn’t. Next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Magic Kingdom, you can sometimes catch the Captain Jack performance. (pictured here). Although Jack is not Johnny Depp, he looks and talks just like him. They perform about a 10 minute show and always brings a crowd.

In Animal Kingdom there’s a performer we called “tree woman.” She was covered in vines and on stilts (which could not be seen). She wasn’t visible until we started to see part of a tree move and realize it was her with her arms wrapped around the tree.

In Disney Studios there are scheduled performances of a band called Mulch, Sweat and Sheers. They pull up in a truck and just start playing well-known rock and roll songs that everyone can sing along to. I’m not sure if this band plays all year long or seasonally. But if you have the chance to watch them, you’re in for a treat.

Epcot is probably the park with the most street performances going on. You can pretty much see something in every country. In France, we watched a performer carefully balance wooden chairs on top of each other then climb to the top which I guessed to be about 18 feet high.

Even if you’re not a “ride person,” there’s plenty of entertainment watching Disney performers.

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