A birthday present from Disney!

Disney announced today that guests who visit Walt Disney World on their birthday in 2009 will receive a free one day park admission! It must be on your actual birthday and you must show identification proving it’s your birthday, but what a great gift! And if you’re an annual passholder or already have your tickets, you can choose either a Birthday Fun Card in the amount equal to a one day base ticket that you must spend on your birthday, or a special Birthday Fastpass badge to use on your birthday! 

Now I told my family we probably weren’t going to Disney in 2009. I might have to change my mind. I’m the only member of my family that hasn’t gone to Disney over my birthday! And I share the same birthday as Mickey Mouse – November 18th!
When you go to Disney on your birthday you have to stop at guest services in the park you’re going into that day and get a birthday badge. You’ll get lots of happy birthday wishes and maybe even a few surprises 😉
If you want to register your birthday with Disney go to http://www.disneyparks.com

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