I thought this might be fun…

You know your an extreme Disney fan when…

Your dogs are named Disney and Tinkerbell

You and your family see hidden mickey’s everywhere

Your friends call you before their travel agent when planning a Disney vacation

You MUST be planning a Disney vacation at all times!

Your wedding is Disney-themed

Your child becomes the pack leader for her friends on a school trip to Disney

You have a Disney themed room in your house

You visit the Disney Store when you need a Disney fix

Friends and family stop asking why you go there all the time (because now they know!)

You’ve bought or are considering a Disney Vacation Club

You no longer need maps to navigate the parks

Zipity Doo Dah is your ringtone

You have a contest to see how many times you can ride Splash Mountain in one day!

When you make pancakes for breakfast, Mickey head pancakes are expected

You have a 99 days to Disney party before every trip

Your daughter worries that your granddaughter’s first word might be Mickey instead of Mommy

Your other daughter had to have her prom dress look just like Belle’s dress

Your new year begins with your kids asking “When are we going to Disney this year?”

You’ve set out to stay at every Disney resort at least once!

Most of your holiday decorations are Disney-themed

You’re a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Club

You can never have too much Disney!

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