Where else can you get service like this?

My husband and I recently had a conversation about our Disney trip with someone at the garage where our car was having work done. The man told us that he had drove to Disney and was staying at one of their resorts. He accidentally locked the keys in the car. He informed someone at the resort and before he knew it, a box truck arrived and when they opened it up, it was filled with everything you could imagine needing for your car. They asked him what make, model and year his car was. Then, from a wall of what appeared to be master keys, they plucked out one that opened his car door. Never charged him a dime and he was on his way. He said it could have been a nightmare waiting for road service to get there, but this process was made so simple by Disney.
His is not the first story I’ve heard of Disney going well above and beyond to make sure guests vacations are magical. Disney wants guests to come away from their vacations with the most magical memories. When hurricanes hit central Florida and force the parks to close for a short time, Disney has characters entertain in its resort lobbies so you’re not stuck in your room wondering when the weather will stop interrupting your vacation.
I’ve blogged many times about the Disney Magic and how they go above and beyond to make your vacation special.
People want to get the most value from their vacation dollar. And there’s a lot of value in good service.


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