Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours are just for Disney resort guests. Each day, one park opens an hour early just for those staying on-site and one park closes late — up to 3 hours late. You don’t need any special wristband for the morning Extra Magic Hour but you do for the late night one.
Extra Magic Hour at night can be hit or miss. Sometimes it’s overly crowded. And that was our experience Friday night when we attempted to stay in the Magic Kingdom for the midnight to 3 a.m. Extra Magic Hour. I usually never go to the park that has the morning Extra Magic Hour because that’s where everyone else goes! I did do this on Monday to get back on my new favorite ride…Toy Story Mania. Fast passes for this ride was gone before noon every day.
Tuesday we were flying home at 5 p.m. so we always go to Magic Kingdom our last morning. It was Extra Magic Hour in the Kingdom and it was crowded. Since we only had a few hours to get on some last rides and finish up our shopping, we just dealt with the crowds. But in the 4-hour span we were there, we managed to get on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean.
I really liked Port Orleans French Quarter. We almost never shared a bus with Riverside and it was so centrally located to all the parks the bus rides all seemed pretty short. I think the resort is due for some needed refurbishment because some of the room doors looked like they needed painting and in our bathroom I noticed some of the porcelain chipped off the tub and was painted over. The food court was a bit slow. Much of what you ordered had to be prepared and one afternoon we waited more than 20 minutes for a meatball sub and a personal size pizza. We tried the food court at Riverside on the night of our horse-drawn carriage ride (I’ll blog about that next!). The food there was great. Short waits. Very well organized!

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