princesses young & old

My soon-to-be 18 year-old daughter Kelly has been a fan of Belle since
she was 3. And every time we come here, she waits in line to have her
picture taken with her. Laat year she stood in line with 5 & 6 year
Yesterday, while waiting for Belle at her meet & greet, my husband & I
began to wonder if she's not just a bit too old for this. At that
moment my daughter & others spotted Belle and they all ran to meet her
I saw one woman who I had just seen in the gift shop with an autograph
book in hand asking where Belle would be. I assumed she was asking for
her daughter but I was wrong, she was asking for herself. And she was
21. A bride & groom were also waiting in line. That young woman was
So of the first 3 in line to see Belle, my daughter was the youngest
We are no longer wondering if she is too old.

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